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Aromatherapy in hospitals

Benefits of diffusing Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils into the air:

-Helps lift the mood, calm the senses, increase alertness, or decrease anxiety
-Naturally provides air purification.
-Destroys odors and mold in the air.
-Increases atmospheric oxygen.
-Naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral.
-Increases ozone and negative ions in the area, which inhibits bacterial growth.

Because these essential oils are a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and have no synthetic additives, they do not have a perfume/cologne type smell. They have subtle, non-offensive--mild scents. 

Excerpts from: [How the Adult Emergency Department is Using Essential Oils to Reduce Workplace Stress]http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/root/vumc.php?site=nurse-wellness&doc=41043
January 06, 2014 by SOVOS Custom
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