New-born Greetings Box 美滿新生祝賀禮盒

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  1. 刻上名字孕媽媽和寶寶的產品名字分別印到貼紙上
  2. 心意卡印製:預設祝賀標語 / 留白親筆填寫 / 電子傳情留言
  3. 精美禮盒包裝:費盡時間、日式細膩心思製作。自家壓紋紙盒質感,簡約柔和配色禮盒,別緻絲緞用心緊繫。



    • 產後修身護理油 (點擊產品名了解更多資訊):能夠平衡及活化組織,有效淡化妊娠紋及疤痕組織,恢復產後皮膚的彈性、改善鬆弛問題。

    • 睡前寶寶按摩油 (點擊產品名了解更多資訊):配合溫柔的睡前按摩能讓寶寶平靜下來,幫助入睡和提高睡眠質素,親子關系更親密。

      追加選項:孕婦 SPA VOUCHER 優惠


      連同禮盒可以七折獨家優惠購買:60分鐘孕婦按摩Spa Voucher (優惠價 HKD$546 原價HKD$780),由我們的英國認證香薰治療師替您送上最放鬆、舒適、暖心的祝福,無疑是給準媽媽的最佳禮物!


      You don’t need to spend a fortune to find something special to treat a mom-to-be. Discover a selection of thoughtful curated pamper bundles perfect for your loved one, SOVOS mama gift sets offer ideal treats to help relieve the symptoms of common pregnancy ailments.

      This aromatherapy pregnancy set is designed to enhance the whole experience for the mom-to-be with precious botanicals and organic essential oils. The gift box contains products suitable for pregnancy to nurture mind and body through each trimester.

      【Personalised Gift Ideas】
      Send her surprises! Celebrate her with an unique personalised gift that will make her smile!

      • Engravings: names of her and the baby that have a signification
      • Greeting card: wishes and messages to share the excitements and congratulations on the pregnancy
      • Luxurious package: pregnancy essentials beautifully packed in a premium gift box 

      【Product Info】
      Suitable for postpartum use. 


      • Bedtime Baby Moisturizing Massage Oil (Click the product name for more info):helps develop a bedtime massage ritual not only can calm the baby, but also prepare him/her for a good night’s sleep, provide deep skin moisturizing and cradle cap cleansing


      【Add-on:Maternity Care Spa Voucher】

      Our gift box is more than just a maternity care box. We are all about supporting new moms with a self recovering and rejuvenating journey. To elevate the pregnancy journey, you can also upgrade your gift box with a 60-min Organic Aromatherapy Treatment given with care by our qualified therapist. (Special Offer: HKD $546, Value: HKD $780). We focus on providing pre and post pregnancy pampering to mothers that can help soothe different symptoms and discomforts.

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