Optimized environment

where you spent most of the day

Delivered in style

Not just boring seminars

Transforming culture

where people do talk with each other

Why workplace wellness?

How stressful are employees working in the 5th stressed space around the world?

It is no surprise that employees always demanding more from the company. Only when offering employees a deeper reason for being, a company can pull in and retain the best talent. 

80% of companies implementing workplace wellness program outperformed benchmark significantly with an average of 7% to 9% of increase in total earnings. Therefore, we believe that:

✔ Healthy employees experience less absenteeism, health-related productivity loss.

✔ Healthy employees have lower medical costs.  

✔ Healthy employees are more resilient, engaged, and productive.

✔ Healthy employees are just happier to work.

Our 2 pillars of optimum health delivery:

Most of the wellness programs fall short because employers only emphasize on physical health and miss out on a significant opportunity to positively and comprehensively impact their organization for their employee wellness. 

With so many models out there, we strive to replace a 100-year-old workplace model with the most affordable, easy-to-implement, turnkey solution to better employee health and well being.

#1 Holistic Approach

Encompassing 8 mutually interdependent dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, social, financial, environmental, intellectual and occupational 

#2 Therapist Approach

An ultimate solution in fitting complex individual body needs by our international qualified therapists, physiologists and herbal experts.

Why us?

Fit For Life

Step outside your comfort zone and get your juices flowing. 


Simple natural remedies at your fingertips instead of taking a trip to the doctor's office.

Culture 2.0

No more "all work and no play” and "do this, don’t do that" mentality.

Five Senses

Awaken inner pharmacy and healing through the tools of the five primitive senses.

Destress Journey

A stress circle to enjoy the joys of venting and process underlying feelings. 

A Family

Stronger contact and connection for everyone regardless of ranking, department and pay-rate.

Achieve the quality of life
you deserve.


Pantry Transformation

Office Wellness

Know & Reward Yourself

Personal Wellness

- Office Wellness -

Bathroom Amenities

Cleaner and greener space with organic aromatherapy amenities such as antiseptic spray.


Enhance the general wellness of the workplace atmosphere with therapeutic aromas.

Healthy Catering

Practice and sustain healthy eating habit with seasonal food choices and vending machines.

Massage Reward

Qualified therapists on the ground to provide deep relaxed aromatherapy massages and consultations.

Pantry Transformation

A common place to relax, chill and connect with each other.

Survivral Kit

An integration of natural remedies and teae therapy to meet your unique needs from day to night.

- Personal Wellness -

D.N.A. Test

Perform all-round body check to maximize your fitness and nutrition results.

D.I.Y. Workshop

Create your own personalized program such as ‘self-massage’, 'roll-on', and ‘organic perfume’.

Physical Activities

A wide variety of activities ranging from cardio, yoga and meditation to cater different physical capabilities.


Strategic planning on nutrition, fitness and stress to achieve an optimal level of performance.

Seasonal Giveaway

Feature all health fair ideas, health incentives & gifts that best meet individual needs.

On-demand Spa & Salon

Allow employees to find time for a manicure, massage, or haircut, blowout, or beard trim. A short break that can transform the day and promote a healthy work-life balance.