Your Bespoke Blend Process

A 10-15 min relaxed Therapist Consultation 

Our aromatherapist conducts an in-depth analysis with taking into account your goals and concerns, medical history, lifestyle, current ailments or prescribed treatment if any. All therapists are carefully selected, fully qualified and affiliated with a recognized therapists' organisation.

Consultation can be conducted via Phone Hong Kong Naturals Phone / Email Hong Kong Naturals Email / Hong Kong Naturals Whatsapp Text Message. If the symptom concerned requires visual inspection diagnostic, our therapist will meet you in person at our therapy room in Central.

Your Bespoke Organic Product
According to your skin and body needs, our therapist will create a bespoke tailored product formulated to work most effectively on you, taking into consideration aspects of your diet, lifestyle and possible contraindications.Whether that be a custom facial treatment oil for problem skin, an organic face cream replacement, a therapeutic body blend or an organic signature perfume without synthetic ingredients that matches your personality; we are here to bring you an ultimate sustainable custom experience for your health and personal care. 
Within just 5 days from the date of consultation, expect your custom potion to arrive your door.
After Care Support
Never a stranger on your second visit. Based on your background condition, our attentive therapist reformulates your product on your next visit to adapt to your changing needs to deliver a better result than using a single blend for prolonged period of time.