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Aquatic Dilution Diffuser

$923.00 HKD

Create moments of peace and harmony for mind, body, and soul with Aquatic Dilution Diffuser. Its design is extracted from the natural petal and leaf of the lotus, a symbol of purity. It uses highly efficient ultrasonic and filter technologies to diffuse essential oil, atomizing it into minute ion particles and active oxygen anions. The essential oil’s active ingredients are fully discharged and easily absorbed by the human body than conventional diffusers. The result - better quality air and a relaxing, refreshing ambiance. Just add water and favorite oil, plug it in, and enjoy!


Aquatic dilution combined with diffusion by ultrasound provides all its effectiveness to associated essential oils. This technique allows them to be transformed into micro-particles that evaporate and are released into the air in the form of a light mist.

Ultrasonic diffusers pleasantly mix olfactory, respiratory, visual and humidifying elements. Highly complete, they gently modify the atmosphere of your environment.