Bioactive Organic Bug Repellent (DEET-Free)

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If you're concerned with DEET repellents, the most serious concern clinically is about the affection with the central nervous system. Children with DEET toxicity reported lethargy, headaches, tremors, involuntary movements, seizures, and convulsions though the amount that led to this toxicity was unreported, according to the CDC.

While choosing the right "natural" repellent, do pay attention to the active ingredients. More than 1/4 of them have at least one synthetic repellent component!

While the labels of many insect repellent make strong claims, they may simply not work because their formulae are not targeted to the right mosquito species regionally.
SOVOS Bioactive Insect Repellent is produced from 100% renewable and natural resources which contains clinical proven mosquito repellent components. This multi-pronged repellent offers knockdown repellency targeting broad spectrum of mosquito species and midges that are commonly found locally. 


Mosquitoes & Mites Commonly Found in Hong Kong
— Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

Mosquito-borne Disease Vectors

SOVOS Formula

傑普爾按蚊(Anopheles jeyporiensis)

微小按蚊 (Anopheles minimus)

東鄉伊蚊(海濱伊蚊)(Aedes togoi) 

白紋伊蚊(Aedes albopictus) 

致倦庫蚊(Culex quinquefasciatus) 

三帶喙庫蚊(Culex tritaeniorhynchus) 

Biting Midges





  S A F E R  .  S U S T A I N A B L E  .  B E T T E R  

1. Suitable for ✅G6PD ✅Pregnant ✅ age above 10 years old

2. Repels mosquitoes and biting midges for up to 8 hours

3. Repels mosquitoes that may transmit diseases such as 瘧疾 (Malaria),登革熱 (Dengue Fever), 日本腦炎 (Japanese encephalitis)

4. Offer better topical protection than topical DEET alone

5. Recyclable, Reusable, Toxic-free Aluminium Container: well-preserved potency of active ingredients 

6. Completely free from: ❌DEET ❌Peppermint ❌Paraben ❌Skin Irritants ❌Harmful Chemicals ❌Synthetic Fragrances  ❌Colourant


1 0 0 %  N A T U R A L  &  A C T I V E   I N G R E D I E N T S 

  • Organic Azadirachta indica (Neem) Oil: high repellent efficacy against Anopheles, Culex and Aedes species, acts as carrrier that can help extend the duration of repellent effects by slowing the evaporation of active ingredients from surfaces
  • Organic Eucalyptus citriodora (Lemon Eucalyptus) Oil: a natural alternative to DEET, active repellent compound: para-menthane 3, 8 diol (PMD) is the only plant-based repellent that has been recommened by the USA Centres for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Other Proprietary Botanical Ingredients 

Azadirachta indica (Neem)

The pesticidal efficacy, environmental safety and public acceptability of neem have led to its adoption into various mosquito control programmes. It is unable to develop resistance in insects too. The maximum reduction rates of Anopheles, Culex and Aedes (common mosquito species in Hong Kong) are 100%, 95.5% and 100% respectively. — Filed study in Guinea Bissau, 1999, 72:39-52


Corymbia citriodora (Lemon Eucalyptus)

Lemon Eucalyptus, comprising 85% of citronellal, exhibits 100% repellency for Culex spp. and 8 hours protection period.  It is proven clinical effective in preventing malaria and is considered to pose no risk to human health.  — Filed study in India, 1994, 31:505-507


D I R E C T I O N S  F O R  U S E   

  • Apply to exposed skin and clothing. Do not spray directly on face.  
  • Reapply after 2hrs as needed. 
  • Store the product in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children.


《 Therapist Tip 》
Why typical natural insect repellents have short protection time? : "The effect of most plant-based insect repellents only lasts from several minutes to several hours due to their highly volatile active ingredients, so although they are effective repellents for a short period after application, they rapidly evaporated leaving the user unprotected. The exception to SOVOS Bioactive Insect Repellent has a lower vapour pressure that provides very high protection over 8 hours prolonging repellency time and a broad range of insect repelling vectors. 

" SOVOS follows strict herbal apothecary in selecting ONLY the finest therapeutic grade botanical species from the right soils around the globe in delivering the best fit and most effective synergistic formulas on a personal level."

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