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" S O V O S ", an ancient Latin word for " B e s p o k e ".

Specialised in evidence-base botanical apothecary delivered in trustworthy professionals' hands, SOVOS is here to bring you a bespoke experience allowing you to work directly with internationally qualified aromatherapist, herbal experts, therapists and doctors to create your own unique formula.

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✔ Medicinal use of herbs
✔ Pathology approach
✔ Therapist optimized formula

The Answer

- Organic Reimagined -

Every bottle dealt directly by a therapist who has an academical background in the botanical science, we ensure that the "proper" herb is always used in the right situation and at the optimal dosage. 

SOVOS team of therapists believe that, by implementing this art and science with precision, we can immensely enhance the effectiveness of holistic botanical remedies and improve individual's wellbeing by so much more.

SOVOS considers a 100% of natural, organic and active ingredients on ALL products.

SOVOS delivers the BEST fit and MOST effective synergistic formulas on a personal level. 

SOVOS selects ONLY the FINEST therapeutic grade botanical species from RIGHT soils around the globe.