About us

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The Calling

With personal care options in abundance,  the old way of how people pick and select items seem to be quite inefficient :

✘ A trial & error approach
✘ Friends' recommendation
✘ Trusting marketing jargons

A Professional Therapist Approach

A botanical science based on anatomy, physiology, pathology. A more grounding and practical way in delivering an ultimate solution in fitting complex individual body needs.

SOVOS is a professional Aromatherapy brand dedicated to integrate 100% organic herbals, personal diagnostic and therapy treatments into your everyday holistic lifestyle. Supported by a community of passionate internationally qualified aromatherapist, SOVOS follows strict natural apothecary in selecting the finest therapeutic grade botanical species. Each grown at the most favorable soils from over 30 countries around the globe, we use essentially the best ingredients possible in every single product formulation. We harness the vital essence of pure botanical plants, flowers and seeds to rejuvenate your body mind soul, help you eliminate toxins, stimulate circulation and revive your skin for your holistic well-being.

Our mission in promoting clinical aromatherapy by taking a symptom-focused approach has led us to completely reinvent the traditional way quality spa products are produced and marketed. All our products are crafted responsibly in small batches to preserve freshness and vital therapeutic essences of the organic ingredients.

We strive to incorporate ancient botanical wisdom with modern science, and provide education about the therapeutic, ecological, economic, and spiritual benefits of essential and botanical oils, in the form of workshops, multi-media events, and publications. We do it for your health and that of your family and pets!

Our story started from a dedication

Our founder, Hester, is a minimalist who truly embodies holistic health and complementary therapies. Her passion for natural products stems from years of research and experimentation while making her own cosmetics and household products. Today, this all-natural approach provides alternatives to the chemical-laden environment that has become part of our modern lifestyles.

Through a process of identifying the essentials and eliminating the rest, Hester has discovered that the complex names listed in personal care products are a thin veil for harmful chemical ingredients – the very ones that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Her path to uncovering what is truly beneficial to skin, health and beauty was borne through this labor of love.

Hester is known for combining her formal study of aromatherapy, anatomy, physiology and pathology with a hands-on approach. Embracing the practical, she applies her natural-health knowledge to common ailments, skin conditions, colds and flu, and feminine health issues. The rewards were immediately seen in her own improved health, as well as that of her family and even her pet Chihuahua. Now, Hester is sharing that valuable perception so that it might benefit others.

Through SOVOS, Hester bring her expertise and thorough knowledge of essential oils to improve health and maintain vitality. Having dedicated her life to helping others achieve healthier lives and well-being, Hester is an internationally certified aromatherapist, IFA (UK) and NAHA (US). She aims to help others achieve healthier lives and well-being through aromatherapy, education and much more.

Nature inspired. Therapist driven.

SOVOS integrates organic herbals, personal diagnostic and therapy into your everyday holistic lifestyle. Founded by a passionate team of professionally trained Aromatherapist, we follow strict natural apothecary in selecting the finest ingredients from soils around the globe in delivering the best therapeutic effects from specific botanical species. Our mantra - “A therapist close to you” is our promise that every process is carefully controlled and monitored by our therapists. 

Our philosophy is founded on the writings of Hippocrates, the father of medicine:

  • First Do No Harm – primum non nocere 
  • The Healing Power of Nature – vis medicatrix naturae 
  • Discover and Treat the Cause, Not Just the Effect – tolle causam 
  • Treat the Whole Person – tolle totum 
  • The Physician is a Teacher - docere
  • Prevention is the Best Cure praevenire 

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