A Symptom Therapy
A synergistic remedial blend for specific symptoms

Our collection of natural synergy blends are created with precision and carefully researched. Each bottle specially formulated to target one specific symptom. Consists of numerous synergy combinations of essential oils to amplify the therapeutic properties of each formula.The Aromatherapy Blends are made using '100% Pure and Therapeutic Essential Oils' and 'Cold-pressed Botanical Oils' (e.g. argan oil, sea buckthorn oil, rosehip, etc.).


Synergy blend = amplified therapeutic effects

Biochemical components, synergy effects, plant genus, plant parts are all considering factors and taken into account during the formulation phrase. Each essential oil individually possess unique properties and when they are blended together the chemical constituents in the individual oil has mutually enhancing effect on each other and the ultimate product can far more powerful than simply applying one individual oil.