Virtual Private Candle Making Class
Virtual Private Candle Making Class
Virtual Private Candle Making Class
Virtual Private Candle Making Class

Virtual Private Candle Making Class

Regular price $680.00 HKD

Make your own candles at the comfort of your home!

Whether it's for a birthday present, an online gathering or you're taking your candlelit dinners to the next level, make your own hand-poured candles guided by our candle experts and package it with your own hands with our premium packaging! (optional $40) 
Our candle making kit is the perfect way to connect with team members, bridesmaids, family, and friends. Any time of the year is perfect to give this little gift. It includes everything you need to make a fabulous candle in a safe, easier and convenient way!
The 1.5 hour candle workshop includes a beginner kit and candle making tutorial video.
A live Q&A can be provided on demand ( by our guru to guide you through the entire candle making process, from wick selection, wax control, wax melt, fragrance selection and precisions in making a perfect candle!

Beginners Candle Kit

*** Delivered in a recyclable branded bag & beautifully packaged gift box ***

  1. Candle making instruction sheet 

  2. Allergen free candle fragrance (European IFRA complaint) 

  3. Stainless steel pouring and mixing jug

  4. 100% Natural US soy wax (~220g)

  5. 100% Eco cotton smoke-less wick

  6. Stirring and holding bow tip clips

  7. Candle mini glass container x4 with label 

  8. Wax thermometer

  9. Measure tube 


All candle ingredients are 100% natural ! 

We use soy wax, an eco friendly, nontoxic, renewable vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans. The natural candle wick also burns longer, cleaner and more stable with no black smoke and no odour, The wax and fragrance is perfectly binded in order to provide the best scent throw.

 " SOVOS follows strict herbal apothecary in selecting ONLY the finest therapeutic grade botanical species from the right soils around the globe in delivering the best fit and most effective synergistic formulas on a personal level."






  • 手工製作興趣班
  • 朋友、情人閒暇活動
  • 心意禮物如生日、紀念日
  • 公司團隊活動

*** 包裝使用可循環再造紙袋及精美送禮禮盒 ***




1.       教學影片
2.       詳細步驟說明書
3.       100%純蠟燭精油
4.       不銹鋼蠟燭溶蠟杯
5.       天然大豆蠟
6.       環保棉蠟芯
7.       蠟燭溫度計
8.       蠟芯固定器
9.       精美姓名定製貼紙
10.     量管


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