Organic Body Treatment Oil - Contouring & Firming

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Circulation | Skin toning | Anti water retention
A toning and decongestant blend of nine botanical oils and pure essential oils for slimming and excess water retention, contains the renowned cleansing and detoxifying powers of zesty Grapefruit and woody Juniper berry.
Key benefits:
  • Promotes metabolism, break down fatty deposits & reduce water retention.
  • Speeds up the elimination process of the lymphatic system to drain excess wastes and toxins from the body in an effective and natural way.
  • Nourishes and tones skin.
Key ingredients:
    • Organic Grapefruit essential oil
    • Organic Juniper berry essential oil
    • Organic Argan oil

    Apply after bath on slightly damp skin. Ideally with aromatherapy massage.

    Can be applied on skin before bath or add 5-10 ml of treatment oil to the bath to enhance the outcome. 

    Volume: 100 ml

    All our products contain no synthetic ingredients.

    有機身體修護按摩油 - 排毒修身

  • 促進新陳代謝,分解脂肪和去水腫。有
  • 助消化、刺激免疫及淋巴系統,以有效而自然的方式排出多餘的廢物和毒素。摩洛哥堅果油含有豐富維他命E,
  • 滋養和緊緻皮膚,防止游離基傷害。
  • 使用方法:




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