Organic Body Treatment Oil - Relaxing

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Stress relief | Pampering | Muscular aches
A luxurious blend of eight botanical oils and pure essential oils. Lavender and Frankincense are renowned powerful relaxants which relax the muscles and the mind and promote a more peaceful sleep. 
Key benefits:
  • Calm and relax the body and spirit in an effective and natural way.
  • Composed of other key ingredient such as Argan oil and Vitamin E which leave your skin healthy and soft.
Key ingredients:
    • Organic Lavender essential oil
    • Organic Frankincense essential oil
    • Organic Chamomile roman essential oil
    • Organic Argan oil

    Volume: 100 ml

    All our products contain no synthetic ingredients. A Fact Sheet is included with this product with full directions for use.

    蘊含8種有機冷壓植物油和有機純精油,包括薰衣草和乳香,能夠舒緩壓力,同時放鬆緊張的肌肉,放鬆身體和精神,以有效而自然的方式促進睡眠和改善睡眠質素; 摩洛哥堅果油含有豐富維他命E, 滋養和緊緻皮膚,防止游離基傷害。




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