Guuv Perfume Sanitizer 香水消毒噴霧

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"the mood of living"

Eau de toilette x Sanitizer

Capture the mood of modern living lifestyle with Guuv Perfume Sanitizer. This sleek, portable spray delivers an exclusive perfume formula plus gentle sanitization. Designed for our hygiene-aware times, Guuv lets you embrace life's vibrant moments while keeping hands clean.

Guuv, the perfect accessory for your casual outings and everyday lifestyleHoused in a clip-on case, it goes anywhere. Choose from three artfully crafted scents by master perfumers in Grasse, France : 

Green Garden - evokes a stroll through lush gardens.
Mimosa - Warm spicy blooms with bright notes of mimosa.
Black Tea - Earthy woody smolders with subtle black tea.




    Green Garden - 猶如漫步翠綠花園
    Mimosa - 散發明亮的木樨花香
    Black Tea - 迷人的黑茶香氣撲鼻而來。


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