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- B O D Y -

$780 60min | $900 75min | $1080 90min

Holistic Aromatherapy Body Massage
 SOVOS Aromatherapy practices unadulterated & evidence-based herbal apothecary offering exquisite authentic aromatherapy treatments by highly skilled and professional UK qualified Aromatherapists. Therapy sessions are designed with 100% dedication to your personal needs. Each treatment is personalised and symptom-focused through an in-depth one-on-one consultation with a botanical guru.

⦁Energize immune system
⦁Flex muscles and better circulation
 PMS relief such as bloating, fatigue, lower back pain
⦁Encourage lymphatic drainage and toxins elimination
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- F A C I A L -

$980 75min

Organic Aromatherapy Facial
A luxurious 100% botanical prescription personalized to target your individual skincare needs. Beginning with a consultation, your therapists will tailor-make the treatment utilizing the highest quality therapist-grade organic essential oils and natural plant extracts to detoxify and provide vital nourishment to your skin.This treatment is as relaxing as it is beautifying and leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

⦁ Anti-aging, reduce the appearance of wrinkling and blemishes
⦁ Aids in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
⦁ Regenerate skin and supports good elasticity
 Detoxify and provide vital nourishment to skin
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- M I N D -

$780 60min | $900 75min | $1080 90min

Stress & Tension Relief Massage 
The stress and tension massage specially designed to deeply revitalize the body, reboot the mind and transform stress into balance. This healing treatment reinvigorates the senses and reboot the mind by harnessing the power of aromatherapy and using only 100% certified organic and toxin-free therapist-grade products.

⦁ Promote restful sleep
⦁ Increase calmness and relaxation
⦁ Decrease in muscle tension
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- P R E G N A N C Y 

$780 60min | $900 75min | $1080 90min

Pregnancy Massage & Aromatherapy Maternity Care
SOVOS Aromatherapy helps every mommy-to-be to promote an optimal function of their body, health, and appearance, as well as to support them on their pregnancy journeys through safe, natural and non-invasive. The pregnancy massage and exquisite authentic aromatherapy treatment are practised by highly skilled and professional UK qualified Aromatherapists.

⦁ Reduce back pain and joint pain
⦁ Better sleep quality, reduce stress and anxiety
⦁ Improve oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles
⦁ Alleviate muscle tension and oedema
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