Roll-on Pain Relief

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A powerful secret blend of botanicals carrying multi-functional therapeutic effects for your every day use.  Comes in a secure, portable roller ball pen, easily placed in your purse & pocket, aside your bed or on your desk.

Key ingredients:

  • Organic Jojoba - quickly absorbed; contains myristic acid which is anti-inflammatory; ideal for all skin types.
  • Organic Sweet Marjoram - anti-spasmodiccalms emotions and relieves anxiety; it has good muscle relaxant and pain killing properties.
  • Organic Roman Chamomile - excellent calming effects on the mind and body; relieves muscular pains and painful periods.
  • and pure essential oils synergistic blend

Way of use: 
Apply on area of concern, or use as directed.  

Volume: 10 ml

All our products contain no synthetic ingredients.

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