Your Wellness Kit
Your Wellness Kit
Your Wellness Kit
Your Wellness Kit
Your Wellness Kit
Your Wellness Kit

Your Wellness Kit

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' The Wellness Kit '

" A concoction of aromatherapy and chromotherapy, this wellness spray kit opens the door to different dimensions of aura, cultivates the right energy and moves it through our mind, body and soul – a perfect antidote for everyday life. "


'The Wellness Aroma'

- M I N D -

Unwind your mind.
Scent: Bergamot Petitgrain

  • Ease into calmness and be guided to a state of serenity

  • Perfect for meditation and sleep

  • Relieve stress and negative energy, encourage holistic thoughts and cultivate positivity

- B O D Y -

Your Intimate Perfume.
Scent: Lily of the valley

  • Awaken the spirit and connect to higher self

  • For spritual cleansing and stimulation

  • Promotes a sense of well-being and brings an alluring aura that inspires


- S O U L -

Reconnect your soul.
Scent: Cedarwood Frankincense

  • Feel the vitality of life and communicate with your body energy

  • Ideal for grounding and yoga

  • Exudes a grounding and calming sensation, an energy from the Earth to nourish our soul.


' Wellness on the go '

# Anytime, Anywhere

  • Travel with your wellness sanitizer
  • Handy, pocket-size
  • A pocket therapy for your body . mind . soul

# Gifting Concept

  • Packaging can be personalised
  • Perfect as a gift to share the love and warmest wishes
  • Write the name of the person you would love to share this kit with



' Collaboration Invitation '

Inspire us with your idea! Besides corporates, we always try to be supportive to the local community in hong kong, old or young, rich or poor, creative or professionals. 

We only work with the best:

Cartier, Van Cleef, IWC, Louis Vuitton, Leon Lai 4D Concert, Joey Yung Concert, Shangri-la Hotel, Conrad Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Vogue, etc



Organic plant science with advanced antibacterial & antiviral proprietary formula.


. Suitable for pregnant, children, G6PD

❌  Paraben   ❌  Skin Irritants   ❌  Harmful Chemicals
❌  Synthetic Fragrances  ❌  Colourant

S O V O S  Bioactive Organic Sanitizer attained highest safety standards :  
Switzerland SGS laboratory test
✅  Ultimate bio-safety test with Nobel-prized green fluorescent protein technology
✅  European Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals  
✅  International safety standards including US EPA, OSHA and NIOSH


Recognised by authorities :
✅  "Excellent Performance" by local product authority magazine "Topick
✅  "Editor's Choice" Mama & Baby award by the "Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020", one of the UK's leading beauty awards.
✅  Product authorized under Health Canada hand sanitizer listing




// SOVOS Aromatherapy //
" SOVOS ", an ancient Latin word for " Bespoke ", specialises in evidence-based botanical apothecary for everyday wellbeing. SOVOS is "Your Private Herbal Clinic" inspired by clinical plant science.


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