分娩減痛助產油 Labour Pain Relief Treatment Oil & Tutorial
分娩減痛助產油 Labour Pain Relief Treatment Oil & Tutorial

分娩減痛助產油 Labour Pain Relief Treatment Oil & Tutorial

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"80%受訪產婦認為香薰有助減輕陣痛同背痛, 痛楚級別評分由平均7.95分下降至5.5分。"


本 地 醫 院 認 可 :天 然 分 娩 減 痛 方 法 







芳 療 助 產 兩 部 曲  Aromatherapy Labour Pain Relief

  • 分娩減痛按摩油 15ml 


用精油以推、揉、按的手法,持續按摩產婦的肩頸、腰 背、臀和手腳,有效幫助子宮收縮、放鬆緊張的肌肉、減痛、促進修復及紓緩情緒。

  • 分娩舒緩芳香油 5ml



1 0 0 % 天 然 孕 婦 安 全 成 分 

  • 有機橙花精油 (Citrus aurantium)
  • 有機柑精油 (Citrus reticulata)
  • 有機佛手柑精油 (Citrus bergamia)
  • 有機薰衣草精油 (Lavendula angustifolia)


《 SOVOS 治療師提提您 》

" SOVOS鑽研針對性草本學,細閱臨床文獻,比較及嚴選最高效能之草本「品種」及「種植地」。以全天然及針對性的治療師配方緩解孕婦需要,絕無添加坊間常見的各種化學添加劑及防腐劑, 只用效果說話。"









    "Different from general medical methods, aromatherapy is a non-drug-based analgesic method. The benefits are that there are no side effects, no addiction, no residue, and it will not burden the mother and the baby, and minimize the discomfort."
    "80% of the pregnant women interviewed believe that aromatherapy can help relieve labor pain and back pain, and the pain level score dropped from an average of 7.95 points to 5.5 points."

    “Aromatherapy and massage have been proven to be beneficial in labour to facilitate normal birth, reducing the need for pharmacological or surgical intervention as well as enhancing maternal satisfaction and increasing midwives job satisfaction which affected staff retention and recruitment. ” 
    -L Wallbank (V3.0 March 2018) Page 3 of 25 Using Aromatherapy in labour - Resource Pack May 2018


    Approved by the local hospital: Natural birth pain relief method

    Aromatherapy has a long history in Western countries and is very popular. In 2011, Queen Elizabeth Hospital became the first public hospital in Hong Kong to provide aromatherapy to relieve pain for pregnant women.


    Aromatherapy assisted childbirth is a good way to assist the smooth delivery. The natural aromatic molecules in the formula effectively relieve labour pain and back pain, strengthen and deepen uterine contractions, therefore reduce the pain during labour process.

    Because emotions will directly affect the secretion of oxytocin during the period of labor,  high pressure and anxiety are disadvantageous to the process of uterine contraction. Aromatherapy relieves the anxiety of pregnancy, helps the uterus to contract more regularly, effectively reduces the pain, and shortens the time of childbirth.

    The therapist will conduct detailed consultation with  mother in advance, and will also educate the father-to-be the posture and  techniques to use the childbirth pain relief oil and massage, so that the father-to-be can also help when his wife is in labour.

    Two-steps Aromatherapy Labour Pain Relief

    • Labour Pain Relief Massage Oil 15ml
    • Labour Aromatherapy Diffusion Oil 5ml

    100% Natural Ingredients: 

    • Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) oil
    • Jasminum grandiflorum (Jasmine) oil
    • Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) oil
    • Citrus bergamia (Bergamot) oil
    • Certified Organic


      《 SOVOS Therapist Tips 》
       According to a large study conducted by a British hospital in the 1990s, essential oil is completely safe and more than 50% of the mothers rated the use of aromatherapy as helpful during labour.
      “The Queen Elizabeth Hospital has introduces aromatherapy to reduce pain, and 80% of parturient who have received treatment say it is very effective. Sovos labour pain relief treatment is a must-have product for the mothers who are going to give birth. It is very effective in relieving labour pains and back pains"


      " SOVOS follows strict herbal apothecary in selecting ONLY the finest therapeutic grade botanical species from the right soils around the globe in delivering the best fit and most effective synergistic formulas on a personal level."


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